I Can’t Wait For Sephora Australia!

Brands Sephora Australia Will Stock

I recently wrote a post for Style Etcetera about the products Sephora has confirmed to be selling at their Australian store and I got so. damn. excited. Sephora Australia has also confirmed that they will be selling their products at … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: America 2013


I recently transferred all my photos from both America trips onto my laptop to show my boyfriend. There’s about 1500 photos from my 2013 trip which we went through together, and I’ve found out some great things from looking back … Continue reading

Am I Turning Into Carrie Bradshaw?

Shoe Addiction

I know I’ve been going all health foody at the moment, but don’t worry, I’m still shopping. I have an addiction. I have just added two new pairs of shoes to my cupboard. In my defence, I did also just … Continue reading